Greg Robson

…web developer (that has not been surpassed by a AI… yet)

UK resident with a passion for web coding and databases…


I'm a web developer from Birmingham, UK. I like everything that relates to web design and web applications.

In my spare time I enjoy running and walking in the mountains of Snowdonia and the Lake District.

Thanks for dropping by, if you want to contact me for any reason, it's easiest to get hold of me via twitter or the contact form below.


PHP and Laravel


I Laravel. I have been developing with it from late version 4.x to the current version (5.5). Love the simplicity and effectiveness. Happy with using the testing libraries, macros, service providers, queues etc. Sometimes I'll dig around in the source code and override default behaviours when required.

PHP developer since… erm, at least 10 years, possibly up to 15! Comfortable with all the features, currently developing my own projects with PHP 7.1, but I know how to work with 5.2 and above quite happily.



Git: I tend to use Gitflow for my process. I can rebase, cherry-pick and handle getting out of most situations that a repository can sometimes throw at me. I use GitHub/Bitbucket as needed.

Devops: Ubuntu is my preferred distro, I'm confident on a command line and did manage to install PostgresSQL 10 on a box from fresh!

Cloud: Amazon Web Services is my preferred cloud provider. Services I have used include EC2, S3, RDS and SQS.

Miscellaneous: Experience of Continuous Integration includes Atlassian suite of tools.

Javascript and Vue


Capable with JavaScript and jQuery functions. Pretty good on writing code from scratch even though it's not my strongest skill.

Love the VueJS framework. Found it via recommendations from Laravel developers. I have been using it since v0.12. Enjoy the simplicity of the API and ease of writing components in a way that doesn't make a hideous mess of my HTML.

Asset Compiling: I can compile and optimise assets with Laravel Mix to the application front end.



Strongest skill. Over the years I have used MySQL/MariaDB, SQL Server and PostgreSQL (my preferred DMBS unless the requirements dicatate otherwise).

Experienced in creating/optimising schemas to suit specs. I relish the challenge of accommodating tough requirements and will dig down into the fine details of storage/querying where required.

Side Project: Code Committed

CodeCommitted was started as an experiment! Partly to learn a bit about video/audio editing and to share knowledge.

I'm finding it a great way to share my knowledge (even if the audience is small so far!) and to reflect on my coding practice. ~ YouTube Channel

Code Committed Channel on YouTube


I like listening to podcasts while I work, here are some of my current favourites.

Discussions about front end development and the CodePen website itself.

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The Laravel Podcast: self explanatory!

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The statistics behind the news headlines.

Stories found on tapes from an alternate universe…

Interviews, Q&A and interviews for anyone who runs.

Long-form interviews with leaders in health, wealth and wisdom.


Do you think I might be able to offer something to add value to your project/organisation? Drop me a brief message and I'll get back to you quickly!